Hello World

December 05, 2020

Ah, the obligatory Hello World post. Why do we always start with these?

I’m moving away from Jekyll for my blogs as I never seem to use ruby for anything else. Today, I’ve decided to try out Gatsby.js for the static site generator and Netlify for fast, easy hosting.

For blog content, I’ve had some topics I wanted to explore lately—devops concepts I’ve never really dove into such as getting deeper into Docker, fooling around with kubernetes, deploying nonsense with puppet and diving into dev topics I want to be stronger in (looking at you Authentication/OIDC).

My plan is to explore and document what I’ve learned here on this blog as I go alone. It won’t be perfect and far from anything you should run to production with 😏.

With that, said…stay tuned.

Hi there. I'm Lee McKinnon and I live in the Greater Boston area. I build software for Investment professionals and poke around all things tech. You can follow me on Twitter